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10 Tips For Effective Goal Setting

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Here are 10 tips for effective goal setting and my 25 goals for 2013 as an example.

  1. Success motivates, failure demotivates.

    Start yourself off with some goals with a high probability for success.  A lot of people set themselves up for failure by starting off too big.  The small wins will motivate you for the bigger.

  2. Goal setting without faith is goal setting without heart.

    Your heart wasn’t meant to live for the possible.  Do it a favor and give it something to shoot for that’s impossible without God.  That will keep your heart in it.

  3. Set faith goals, not foolish ones.

    There’s a difference between faith and foolishness.  Set goals proportionate to the measure of faith you’ve been given. (Rom 12:3)

  4. Do a few things and a few things well. 

    One thing I’ve noticed is that every year my list of goals gets shorter.  Year by year I’m learning how to set goals proportionate to my faith reality.

  5. Get your goals for the year by the 31st of January, not the 1st.

    I know conventional wisdom says to start the year off running on January 1st with your New Year’s resolutions, but I think January is a much more conducive month for goal-setting than December.   The hustle and bustle of the holidays, and the unreality of time off and partying, don’t lend themselves to effective goal setting.  Let the cold of January and the reality of returning to your job, smack you in the face with a little goal-setting sobriety.

  6. “A goal without a plan is a wish.”  Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    Setting goals is step one.  A plan is step two.

  7. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

    Take some time each year to evaluate how you did, so you can tweak things accordingly.

  8. If you notice that the same goal is not being met year after year

    You should probably change the goal, the plan, or the amount of goals

  9. Focus on what you got done, not on what you didn’t.

    It’s not necessarily about the percentage of goals you meet, but about what you got done by having goals that you wouldn’t have gotten done had you not set goals.  If you only meet 25% of your goals, that’s still 25% more you got done than if you had not set any goals at all.

  10. Set goals every year.

    I started setting goals for the year in 2009.  I continued in 2010 and 2011.  I never got around to setting goals in 2012 and I definitely noticed a difference.  Keep at it.

Here’s an example of a list of goals.  These are my goals for 2013.

Category Goal
1 Spirit Set aside time to read and/or pray everyday
2 Spirit Fast weekly
3 Study Study mission
4 Study Read a book a month
5 Marriage Drastically decrease responding in frustration
6 Marriage Pray with my wife everyday
7 Marriage Date my wife weekly
8 Marriage Lessen my wife’s workload by taking some of it on myself
9 Children Regularily teach kids the Bible
10 Children Take kids on regular dates
11 Children Develop my son as a man
12 Children Create a board game with the kids
13 Church Make corporate prayer a greater priority
14 Church Remodel building for prayer and worship
15 Church Win souls
16 Church Build people
17 Blog Guest post on other blogs
18 Blog Do more video
19 Blog Post at least three times a week
20 Blog Write an ebook
21 Job Learn latest web development technology
22 Possessions Cement backyard
23 Body Work out regularily
24 Body Develop and follow a regular diet plan
25 Body Lose my gut

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