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Blog Update: The First Three Months

jump_tuxI’ve been blogging now for three months. I wanted to write and say thanks to everyone who’s been reading. Last month I had more than a thousand unique visitors to the site. Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. I really appreciate it.

I’ve got a long list of post ideas that I’m looking forward to sharing with you.  I’ve posted 58 times and we haven’t even hit parenting, the kingdom, or dating.  Stay tuned for those new topics and more.  I’ll continue to tackle manhood every MANic monday and I also want to do some more video posts, more life hacks, more on the church, etc.

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And lastly, I’d love to hear from you.

What topics would you like me to cover? What would you like more of? What would you like to see me tackle that I haven’t? Let me know in the comments of this post or via email or social media.

Thanks again for reading, commenting, and sharing.  I appreciate all the shares, likes, tweets, retweets, and mentions.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.  -Josh

About Josh Christophersen

Josh is a software engineer, church planter, and blogger with a passion for helping people do their life well. He lives in KC with his wife and 7 kids.

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