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Reign In Life

The Priority Of The Church [AUDIO]


What is the priority of the church?

And why do we get so many different answers by so many different people? Some are really into the church while others say they are “done” with the church. Some are very ardent in their commitment, while others are pretty ambivalent about their stance on the whole thing.

In this message I take a look primarily at the priority Jesus placed on the church, along with several other key verses.

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The Importance Of Church Leadership [AUDIO]


This is the sixth message in a series on Interdependent Body Life.

Our problem with leadership is a problem with God.

God has appointed in the church…” ~ 1 Cor 12:28

That which God creates for his purposes, we ignore at our own peril.

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Wounded Pride [AUDIO]


I was invited to speak this last Sunday at King’s Family Church. It was great to speak to new faces and to see old friends.

I spoke on the danger of going after the church as a family without the backdrop of the gospel to be there for us when our pride is wounded.

God is deeply committed to wounding our pride. Humility is letting go of what defines us apart from Christ.

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Saved By Shiny New Gadgets

iPhone Savior

We live in a broken, fallen world. It’s all around us and within us. Deep down, everyone desires to be saved from the effects of it and our own contribution to those effects.

We don’t like the pain, sadness, shame, heartache, boredom, disappointment, loneliness, and loss we feel, so we look for a way out, something to save us.

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We Decided To Be Comfortable


A long time ago, God sent his son to our world.

The creator became the created.

God became a human.

He traded the comfort of his world for the inconvenience of ours.

He came down. He moved in. He put on our flesh.

Then he subjected himself to rejection and a brutal murder so that we could have a way to be saved, rescued, adopted, restored, healed, and washed clean.

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I Don’t Have Grace For That


Have you ever heard a Christian say that they don’t have grace for something?

Christians often make the statement, but is it true?

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3 Manifestations Of Pride [AUDIO]

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This week’s message wraps up a three part series on Pride & Humility.

I talk about three different things, that when neglected, can point to a root of pride in our lives.

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Humility [AUDIO]

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This week’s message was a follow up to last week’s message. Where last week dealt more with pride, this week deals more with humility.

Humility is letting go of what defines you apart from Christ.

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Brutal Honesty And Ruthless Trust [AUDIO]

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Every message I preach I preach because I believe it’s the specific word God has given for the specific people I’m speaking to. Every once in a while a message I’m preparing hits me as more significant than others. This message was one of those messages.

I really believe that brutal honesty painted on the backdrop of ruthless trust is necessary for us to be free and to reign in life (Rom 5:17).

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Futility And Managing Expectations


A lot of people feel entitled to things going well for them.

This is shown true by how ripped off people feel when things don’t go well for them and how ungrateful people feel when things do go well for them.

If things going poorly lands as injustice to you, and things going well doesn’t land as a gift to you, then you are living with a dangerous sense of self righteous entitlement.