Public School, Private School, Or Home School? [VIDEO]


Josh McPherson, pastor of Grace Covenant Church, does an excellent job answering this question.

It’s an important question for every parent to seriously consider.  How we choose to educate our children is no small deal.

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Homeschool Domination

Homeschool Domination
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First Steps In Rethinking My Children’s Education [VIDEOS]


I’m in the process of rethinking how my wife and I educate our children.

I’m officially done letting the standards set by my local school district be my standard.  I’ve begun the process of thinking, praying, and researching in order to figure out a better way of educating my children.  I believe that current education methods need to be drastically overhauled.

I’m not going to wait for the overhaul to take place.  Home schooling affords me the opportunity to think out of the box and to try different approaches, now.

I don’t want my kids to be mediocre.  I want my kids to live lives that can’t be ignored.

The first step I’m taking is getting specific vision for each of my kids.  I’m brainstorming a list of the attributes and skills I want my kids to have when my wife and I are done being the primary educators of our children.  Things like being able to speak a foreign language, knowing how to think, good people skills, gender specific skills, bible knowledge, learning a musical instrument, specifics related to calling, how to determine what’s really important, specific math skills, good handwriting, etc.

The second step is figuring out the best way to get there and throwing out anything we’re currently doing that’s taking us in the wrong direction.

Here are three videos that have been inspiring me along the way:

The following video is an example of an alternative teaching method that I’m considering using.  It’s called the Khan Academy and it’s one way in which technology is changing the way we educate.

The next video is a TED Talk where Seth Godin asks a simple but extremely important question. “What is school for?

This last video is part of The Future Project.  These guys are thinking of ways to get young people to go after their dreams and get excited about school.

What other resources do I need to know about?

UPDATE: I’m adding the following video:

Ken Robinson nails it in this video on rethinking education.

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