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2015 Book List


Well I only finished 6 books this year. The amount of books per year that I’m reading has been trending downward as of late.

Here’s my list of all the books I read in 2015 with my comments on each one:

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2014 Book List


Well I only finished 8 books this year, which was four short of my goal for the year, but two more than last year.

The books I did read were really pretty good though.

Here’s my list of the books I read in 2014 with my comments on each one:

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20 Ways To Live On Less Money


Learning to live on less money can relieve stress when you have less and give freedom and flexibility when you have more.

Whether you find yourself in a season of having more or a season of having less, learning how to practically live on less is a good thing to learn. Here’s 20 ways to do it:

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Be Secretly Incredible by Bob Goff [VIDEO]


This is a really inspiring TED talk (TEDxLaJolla) from best-selling author, speaker, and attorney Bob Goff.

I love stuff like this!

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Three Keys to Keep You From Feeling Like a Failure at the End of the Day

A lot of people go to bed at night feeling like a failure. Either they don’t get done what they wanted to do or what they did get done felt insignificant and unsatisfying.


Photo Credit: Steve Jurvetson (Creative Commons)

Most people have hopes and desires of being successful, but for many, the problem is their definition of a successful day is undefined, vague, or unrealistic.

So let’s fix that.

Click HERE to continue reading and you’ll be taken to the blog of writer, author, and speaker Jeff Goins, where I had the privilege and honor of writing today. Be sure to snoop around when you’re there.

Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford [VIDEO]

Don't Buy Stuff You Can't Afford

This year I’m going to be doing more posts about money, so I figured I’d start with a video from Saturday Night Live featuring Steve Martin, Amy Poehler, and Chris Parnell called “Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford”.

This is some of the best financial advice you can get, delivered in so simple and straightforward a way, that it’s funny.

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2013 Book List

2013 Book List

I didn’t read that many books this year. I only read six.

Writing has replaced a lot of my reading time at this point in my life.

But even though I only read six books this year, I did read some good ones.

Four of the six books I read were on the top of manhood, one was on sonship, and another on the gospel.

Here’s my list of the books I read in 2013 with my comments on each one:

Healing the Masculine Soul: God’s Restoration of Men to Real Manhood  –  Gordon Dalbey

This book is one of the best books on manhood that I’ve ever read. I really enjoyed it. I love his in depth tackling of the topic of shame and how it affects manhood – really good stuff. For more on Gordon Dalbey, check out this video interview.


Orphan Slave Son  –  Ben Pasley

This is an excellent book on one of my favorite topics. You may know Ben Pasley from the “Enter The Worship Circle” albums.


A Guide to Biblical Manhood  –  Randy Stinson, Dan Dumas

This was a good read. I especially enjoyed the parts on procrastination.

Manhood Restored: How the Gospel Makes Men Whole  –  Eric Mason

This book had some good content but I was hoping for a bit more practicals.

The Explicit Gospel  –  Matt Chandler

This was a great book on the gospel. I Loved chapter four and every Christian should read chapters nine and ten.

Raising Boys Feminists Will Hate  –  Doug Giles

This book had some good nuggets, but it was way over the top on the delivery. He comes off a bit arrogant at times and uses some “colorful” language as well. There’s some good “meat” if you can spit out the “bones”. One of the few books I’ve read where I laughed out loud often while reading it.

What’s the best book you’ve read recently?

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4 Questions To Change Your Life


We’re nearing the end of the year, which is a great time to set goals, evaluate what you are doing, and see if things can be done better. The following are four questions I’m using to do just that.

1) What Do You Do?

What do you spend your time doing?

Make a list. Be thorough, but not so thorough that you paralyze yourself.

Here’s some examples:

Sleep, eat, exercise, seek God, read books, work a job, marriage, parenting, dating, writing, church, pastoring, friendship, house work, entertainment, consume social media, watch TV/movies, surf internet, shop, play sports, create, play an instrument, live in community, counseling, etc.

For some, just answering the first question and being able to physically see a list of what you spend your time on, can be life changing.

2) What Do You Do Well?

Read through your answer to the first question and pick out the things that you do well.

Be honest.

Some of you, if you’re honest, may answer, “Nothing.” This question on it’s own can be life altering, because in our busyness we are becoming a culture of people that do many things, but nothing well.

Others of you may find that the things that you do well are not the things you want to do well, or that the things you are currently doing well are keeping you from doing some other things well that you’d like to be doing – which brings us to our next question.

3) What Do You Want To Do Well That You’re Not?

Go through your original list from the first question again. Don’t just look at all the things in this list that you don’t do well. Some things are not done well because they’re not important and time is limited. That’s fine.

What are the few things that you’re not doing well that you’d like to?

Don’t pick too many. Take into consideration what you are already doing well. You may be awesome, but realistically, you can only do a few things well.

4) What Are You Going To Do Less Of So You Can Do What You Want To Do Well?

Look at your original list again. Time to do some pruning.

In order to realistically do a few things well, you’ve got to eliminate certain things that drain the resources necessary to do them.

Don’t be distracted by the good. There are a lot of people that do a good job at a lot of things, but if you want to make a significant impact in a particular area of life, you must do a great job at a few things.

Good is the greatest enemy of the great.

What things are you going to spend less time doing good or poorly so that you can focus more time doing a few things well?

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The Loneliness Epidemic And What’s Causing It [VIDEO]


The following video from Shimi Cohen is called “The Innovation of Loneliness”. It’s pretty insightful and very well done. It explores the connection between social networks and being lonely.

It’s four and a half minutes long. Check it out.


Dad Changes Mind On Abortion Of Down Syndrome Daughter [VIDEO]


The video below is a very moving story of a father’s change of heart, regarding the possibility of aborting his daughter, who tests had shown, had down syndrome.

I think Owen Strachan said it best when he said that “the children we need most are the ones we don’t want“.

The video was done by ESPN. Thank you, ESPN for doing this video and for telling this story.

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