2016-2017 Book List

2016-2017 Books I Read

Since I haven’t read much in the last two years, I’ve combined my list into one post.

Here’s my list of the 9 books I read in 2016 and 2017 with my comments on each one:

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2015 Book List


Well I only finished 6 books this year. The amount of books per year that I’m reading has been trending downward as of late.

Here’s my list of all the books I read in 2015 with my comments on each one:

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2014 Book List


Well I only finished 8 books this year, which was four short of my goal for the year, but two more than last year.

The books I did read were really pretty good though.

Here’s my list of the books I read in 2014 with my comments on each one:

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Saved By Shiny New Gadgets

iPhone Savior

We live in a broken, fallen world. It’s all around us and within us. Deep down, everyone desires to be saved from the effects of it and our own contribution to those effects.

We don’t like the pain, sadness, shame, heartache, boredom, disappointment, loneliness, and loss we feel, so we look for a way out, something to save us.

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We Decided To Be Comfortable


A long time ago, God sent his son to our world.

The creator became the created.

God became a human.

He traded the comfort of his world for the inconvenience of ours.

He came down. He moved in. He put on our flesh.

Then he subjected himself to rejection and a brutal murder so that we could have a way to be saved, rescued, adopted, restored, healed, and washed clean.

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I Don’t Have Grace For That


Have you ever heard a Christian say that they don’t have grace for something?

Christians often make the statement, but is it true?

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Dealing With The Frustration Of Life Not Going As You Expected


A lot of people feel entitled to things going well for them.

This is shown true by how ripped off people feel when things don’t go well for them and how ungrateful people feel when things do go well for them.

If things going poorly lands as injustice to you, and things going well doesn’t land as a gift to you, then you are living with a dangerous sense of self righteous entitlement.


Freedom To Lose


I have really been inspired and moved by some recent comments from Tullian Tchividjian in a recent apology he issued on his blog. Here’s a few highlights:

“One of the things that the gospel frees you to do is to never have to bear the burden of defending yourself… When you feel the need to respond to criticism, it reveals how much you’ve built your identity on being right… Because Jesus won for you, you’re free to lose…and last week I fought to win. I’m sorry you had to see that. Lord have mercy…” -Tullian Tchividjian

The particular phrase “Because Jesus won for you, you’re free to lose.” was particularly impactful to me.

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20 Ways To Live On Less Money


Learning to live on less money can relieve stress when you have less and give freedom and flexibility when you have more.

Whether you find yourself in a season of having more or a season of having less, learning how to practically live on less is a good thing to learn. Here’s 20 ways to do it:

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Faith That Tears Jesus’ Roof Off


Apparently at some point in Jesus ministry, he had a house. In Mark Chapter 2, Jesus is preaching “at home” and there were so many people there, you couldn’t get in.

The house is packed and you got these four guys carrying a paralytic man on a mat to Jesus, so that he can be healed.

Their faith is bringing them to Jesus.

But when they get there, their faith runs into an obstacle. The obstacle is that Jesus is preaching in a house and there’s no way in.

The house is full.

Now what would you do in this situation? When your faith takes you so far and then runs into an obstacle, what do you do when you hit that obstacle?

These guys tore Jesus’ roof off.

Do you have faith that tears the roof off of Jesus’ house?

That’s what they did.

They didn’t say, “I guess it’s not our time”. They didn’t say, “it must not be God’s will”. They didn’t say, “God must not want to do this”.

They believed so strongly that God wanted to heal this man, that they literally went up on the roof and tore it open. They probably had to dig through it and at some point it started interrupting the meeting. But they didn’t mind interrupting the meeting. They didn’t mind ripping a hole in Jesus’ roof. They believed that God wanted to heal this man and they were willing to do whatever it took to get to Jesus.

And what was Jesus’ reaction?

It says that he saw their faith, forgave the paralytic man’s sins, and healed him. Amazing.

Do you have faith that can be seen?

It doesn’t say that they said that they had faith. They didn’t have to. Their faith was visible. Their faith did something. Their faith was aggressive. Their faith tore the roof off of Jesus’ house. Their faith actually left a hole in Jesus’ roof.

After that meeting, there was a hole in Jesus’ roof because some guys had faith enough to believe that God wanted to heal a paralytic man, and they were willing to do whatever they had to do to activate their faith. Jesus saw their faith and responded with forgiveness of sin and healing.

What do you do when you hit that obstacle of faith?  What is your response? We all hit obstacles in our faith. We all hit doubts. We all do mental gymnastics sometimes, wondering if God really wants to do this.

It’s not just that they believed that God could heal. Or that he did heal. Their actions showed that they believed that God wanted to heal.

And how much of faith is really about that?

How much of our struggle is not so much about our belief in whether or not God has the power to heal but more in God’s desire to heal? How much of our struggle is believing that he loves faith and that faith ravishes his heart? How much of our struggle is believing that faith that tears the roof off of his house is not offensive to him but something that he rewards? (Heb 11:6)

What does your faith look like?

Do you have a faith that tears the roof off of Jesus’ house? 

Next time you pray, next time you’re faced with an obstacle, think of Mark Chapter 2. Think of these five guys and ask the question, “does my faith tear the roof off of Jesus’ house?”

I want my faith to be that which does not stop at the obstacle of a full house but says, “God, I’m going in through the roof if I have to.”