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In the book of Job we see Job having a pretty incredible encounter with God. After listening to Job and his friends go back and forth, God steps in and gives his thoughts.  But before he does, he tells Job to do something in chapter 38, verse 3.  He tells him to “dress for action”. It’s important to note that he doesn’t tell him to dress for action in a general sense.  God specifically states in what way he wants Job to “dress for action” or as the Hebrews put it, to gird up his loins.

God adds three very intriguing words to his command.  Three words that give us a picture of how God sees manhood.

“Like a man.”

He says to “dress for action like a man”.

The way God sees it, men act. True manhood involves action. Dress for action like a man, because that’s what men do. They act.

A man isn’t still.  He’s active.

A man isn’t passive.  He’s aggressive.

A man isn’t silent.  He speaks up.

A man isn’t a spectator.  He’s a player.

A man isn’t lazy.  He works.

A man isn’t indecisive.  He decides.

A man doesn’t run away.  He runs to.

A man doesn’t just confess.  He repents.

A man doesn’t just talk.  He does.

A man doesn’t procrastinate.  He initiates.

A man doesn’t avoid, or even merely just accept responsibility.  He takes responsibility.

Are you dressed for action like a man?

Are you actively engaging God, seeking to connect with and enjoy Him on a regular basis?

Are you actively pursuing your wife, cherishing her, pastoring her, praying for her, providing for her, laying down your life for her?

Are you actively engaging your kids, listening to them, playing with them, disciplining them, instructing them, praying for them?

Are you actively pursuing a career, working hard, growing in your skills, using your gifts?

Are you actively confronting other men, challenging them, encouraging them, teaching them, and being a good friend to them?

Are you actively advancing the kingdom, winning souls, making disciples, and doing your part in a local church?

Are you active? LIKE A MAN?

(Image Credit: Smithsonian Institution)

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