Thoughts On Male Confidence From A Super Bowl Commercial

I found myself drawn to this particular Super Bowl commercial this year.

Every man at some point, struggles with confidence.  He wonders if he has what it takes.

Men are drawn to confident risk takers (women too, by the way).  Although bravery doesn’t necessarily define “us”, it does separate the men from the boys.

The first place God put man was in a wild garden with a beautiful woman and a dangerous dragon (Rev 12:9).

Men are called to be dragon slaying leaders who leave mommy and daddy to pursue, fight for, and rescue the heart of a woman (Gen 2:24).

Not macho men, who’ve hijacked the meaning of manhood and redefined it as selfishly using and abusing women for their own gain and pleasure (or those who force themselves on women as some have suggested this commercial promotes).

And not the uninitiated dopes that our emasculated culture uses as the butt of every joke on TV.

It’s a lot easier for men to forgo risk and hide behind a computer screen that reduces women to pixels and body parts.  It takes courage for men to take their hands off the computer mouse and themselves, to risk rejection and navigate the dangers and perils of pursuing and interacting with a real live woman with real emotions, thoughts, and dreams.

The glory of God that men were created to be beckons them to a higher calling, to be confident and courageous. It’s what men were created for and what women find attractive.

A man’s confidence doesn’t come from a car but from Jesus Christ and His definition of manhood.

And take note men, especially in the vacuum created by a generation of absent and distant fathers, as this commercial shows; your mom is not able to initiate you, answering the question of whether you have what it takes.

As well meaning as mom is and as hard as she tries… only a man can initiate a man.

Only a father or father-figure can give a man “the keys”.

Men, go get the keys and start driving.


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