Top 10 Posts Of 2014


Here are the top 10 most viewed posts of all those posted in 2014, in descending order.

10. David And Two Little Words

Two little words that David used say a lot about what David believed while challenging what we believe about God.

9. Freedom To Lose

If I have something in the gospel, what does that which I have free me to lose? Whatever you possess in Christ, you are free to lose everywhere else.

8. 5 Dangers Of An Emphasis On Revivalism

If a revival happens – awesome. Who doesn’t want to see the lost converted, the sick healed, and the demonized delivered? But there are some dangers in an emphasis on revivalism.

7. Is There Such A Thing As A Worthless Man?

According to the bible, yes.

6. Consumers, Creators, And Building A Board Game With My Kids

The vast majority of people spend their lives consuming, enjoying, and purchasing what a small minority create. What separates the consumers from the creators?

5. 20 Ways To Live On Less Money

Whether you find yourself in a season of having more or a season of having less, learning how to practically live on less is a good thing to learn. Here’s 20 ways to do it.

4. Men And The Economics Of Sex [VIDEO]

The video talks about what’s driving the demand for sex and what power men and women have at their disposal to get what they want. The video mistakenly puts the solution to the problem it describes on the women. I put it back where it belongs – on the men.

3. When Your Child Throws A Tantrum: 3 Approaches

The following are three different approaches to your child’s tantrums and what they each teach your child.

2. 20 Myths Christians Believe About Money

This is what the bible has to say about them.

1. Don’t Buy Stuff You Cannot Afford [VIDEO]

This is some of the best financial advice you can get, delivered in so simple and straightforward a way, that it’s funny.

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