What’s So Bad About Sex Outside Of Marriage?


A study done two years ago by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found that 88% percent of unmarried young adults (ages 18-29) are having sex.

Some look at that stat and are appalled.  Others shrug and ask, “What’s the big deal?”

In a world where sex outside of marriage is becoming more and more acceptable to the culture at large, what is the big deal?

What’s so bad about sex outside of marriage?

We could definitely have a discussion about the perceived pros and cons of sex outside of marriage, and I believe there’s some value in that.

But it really only comes down to one issue: the God of the bible calls it sin.

So the issue is really not about what you believe about sex outside of marriage, but rather what you believe about God himself.

What does dismissing God’s commands about fornication and adultery say about your beliefs about God?

Do you really believe that he’s God if obedience is optional or on your own terms?  Or if you do believe that he’s God and your sins are not a big deal, then your salvation from those sins isn’t that big a deal either – which would explain why your response is so lackluster and dispassionate.

But what if Jesus really is God?  And what if because he’s God, disobeying his commands really is a big deal.

If I slap my brother in the face I probably won’t get in any trouble.  If I slap a stranger on the street, I may.  If I slap a police officer in the face, I’d be arrested.  If I slapped the mayor of my city in the face, it would be a bigger deal, and if I slapped the president of the United States in the face, it would be a huge deal.

Who the sin is against determines how bad the sin is.

Sex outside of marriage, and all sin, is like slapping God in the face.

That’s what makes it bad. And that’s why we need to be saved.

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    This is awesome and right on. God set His law and commands in place. We are to obey them and if we don’t; it reflects on what we believe about God himself and our sin.
    Thanks, Josh.

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