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Wounded Pride [AUDIO]


I was invited to speak this last Sunday at King’s Family Church. It was great to speak to new faces and to see old friends.

I spoke on the danger of going after the church as a family without the backdrop of the gospel to be there for us when our pride is wounded.

God is deeply committed to wounding our pride. Humility is letting go of what defines us apart from Christ.

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  • Gen 2:25 – Naked and unashamed
  • Gen 3:7-8 – Pride and hide
  • Gen 3:21, Gal 3:27, Rom 13:14 – Clothed with Christ
  • “If I build my security  in my perceived strength, I must fight any and all exposure of my weakness.”
  • Why do we get angry and defensive?
  • “I have to be fake because reality disqualifies me.”
  • Jesus won, so I’m free to lose.
  1. See it
  2. Confess it
  3. Cover it
  4. Get help

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